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National Association of Church Musicians (NACM) Newsletter - Jan/Feb 2017 (PDF) (quoted) ...
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I Like Music! What a Great Life!

(This post was written prior to 2016, in a blog entitled "Jubal's Jottings.") So, I found myself at Christmas concerts and services over the past weekend…like many others. As I sat and listened and joined the music of the season, I found myself with more than an occasional moment of emotion. You know, the simple singing of "Silent Night, Holy Night" is really pretty profound in many ways! I further found myself thinking back over the last couple of years…I wrote a LOT of little black notes on some score paper – hundreds of pages of music…Jubilate! Concert Mass, the Lausanne project in Africa… I thought once again at not only the joy and wonder of music as a listener ...
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Christmas Carols & Theology

(This post was written prior to 2016, in a blog entitled "Jubal's Jottings.") We sing these phrases once a year…"God and sinners reconciled…Offspring of the Virgin’s womb…Veiled in flesh the Godhead see…Hail the incarnate Deity…Born that man no more may die…." The good part is that we DO once a year ingest these great theological statements of Christian belief into our hearts and minds through the gift of song. The sad part is that we sing them quickly, without due explanation or significant contemplation…and poof, we don’t sing them again for another year! In the following link, several people offer their interesting thoughts on Christmas songs and theology. Not all Christmas carols have totally accurate statements in them, so we ...
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Yay for Disneyland!

(This post was written prior to 2016, in a blog entitled "Jubal's Jottings.") Through a gracious invitation, I attended the Candlelight Ceremony at Disneyland…yes, the home of Mickey and Minnie! It was a grand event in the style and standard of excellence that you would expect from a Disney production…right down to the classy ushers. The stage was well laid out and ready for the program…the lights were tested…mics in place…again, just as you would expect from Disneyland. Jon Voight came to the lectern to serve as narrator. His first words were something to the effect that secular society had turned Christmas into something it wasn’t. Christmas is about Christ and His birth. He proceeded throughout the program to read ...
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To Advent or Not to Advent?

(This post was written prior to 2016, in a blog entitled "Jubal's Jottings.") I went to church yesterday with anticipation of celebrating the Advent season…since it was the 2nd Sunday of Advent. Entering the church, I was immediately struck with the beautiful decorations…lights, Christmas trees, HUGE star hung at the back of the platform…yay, it’s Christmas! The band came out and started to play…sounded good…then as we went from song to song to song…nothing about Advent, Christmas…nothing! The songs would have worked just as well in July as they did on the 2nd Sunday of Advent! I was disappointed. I understand that there is no rule that any church must sing Advent songs on Dec. 6. I do know that, ...
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