I Like Music! What a Great Life!

February 17, 2016 9:32 pm Jubal's Jottings Comments: 0

(This post was written prior to 2016, in a blog entitled “Jubal’s Jottings.”)

So, I found myself at Christmas concerts and services over the past weekend…like many others. As I sat and listened and joined the music of the season, I found myself with more than an occasional moment of emotion. You know, the simple singing of “Silent Night, Holy Night” is really pretty profound in many ways! I further found myself thinking back over the last couple of years…I wrote a LOT of little black notes on some score paper – hundreds of pages of music…Jubilate! Concert Mass, the Lausanne project in Africa… I thought once again at not only the joy and wonder of music as a listener and participant but also the joy of creating it! I even went one step further in my thoughts. Many people like music but don’t have the privilege of understanding, enjoying, and creating music professionally, but I do! Many people don’t even like what they do for a profession, but I have the privilege of working with music and people making music virtually every day. I am blessed! I like music!

Jubal, thank you for creating things that made music so that all these years later, I could have a privileged life centered around music. Even more than thanks to Jubal, thanks be to God!

A couple friends had commented on the original post, as follows:

Sue Munson: “I am still very appreciative of everything you taught me about music and worship–and sticking to it until someone convinces me, from Scripture, that I need to change my thinking.”

Doug Brendel: “Ed Willmington was a study in contradictions: a towering talent, a brilliant musician, yet quiet and gentle; a studiously proper gentleman, yet with a keen, dry wit. He may have appeared to be the classic conservative, but there was an electric undercurrent buzzing in him, an insistent hum of creativity.”

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