To Advent or Not to Advent?

February 14, 2016 9:33 pm Jubal's Jottings Comments: 0

(This post was written prior to 2016, in a blog entitled “Jubal’s Jottings.”)

I went to church yesterday with anticipation of celebrating the Advent season…since it was the 2nd Sunday of Advent. Entering the church, I was immediately struck with the beautiful decorations…lights, Christmas trees, HUGE star hung at the back of the platform…yay, it’s Christmas! The band came out and started to play…sounded good…then as we went from song to song to song…nothing about Advent, Christmas…nothing! The songs would have worked just as well in July as they did on the 2nd Sunday of Advent! I was disappointed.

I understand that there is no rule that any church must sing Advent songs on Dec. 6. I do know that, BUT this is one of the great seasons of the church year. We not only celebrate the 1st Advent…a Savior was born! That’s a big deal! We should give attention to that! We also are in the preparation mode for the 2nd Advent – Christ’s return…or do we not really believe that? Hmmm…? I heard more real Christmas music outside of the church than inside this weekend. Is that the right statement to make about our beliefs? I hope not!

Jubal, I know you were around before even the first Advent, but don’t you think there should have been some indication for the reason for the season except for the nice lights and trees and star…?

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